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Algarve Long Lets is the result of the growth of our collaboration with individual owners and regional partners, to form one of the largest winter-stay and full-year rental portfolios in the region. Algarve Long Lets provides the following:
  • Increased visibility for the properties in our portfolio
  • Improve speed of our response, by allowing clients to search the portfolio and options available before getting in touch
  • Encourage more owners to join our network of properties
  • Provide a communications channels for new owners and partners

Algarve Long Lets is owned and managed by Algarve Senior Living. With clients from multiple continents, Algarve Long Lets Properties provides comprehensive solutions for those seeking a long term rental. We have significant experience and coverage of the Algarve, the greater Lisbon area and Porto.

The business currently provides accommodation for and caters to the following audiences:

  • Retirees or seniors looking for winter-stays, long or full-year lets or who wish to get to know the region before deciding where to settle, whether to continue renting or to buy
  • Applicants for income-based D7 visas, who require accommodation and contracts compliant with their residency visa application
  • Applicants for Portugal’s low-tax NHR status who can obtain the status using a suitable long-term let contract
  • Our website Move to Portugal 101 can help you initiate and be aware of what is required to be able to move.
  • Future property buyers who rent before buying to make sure that they have found the right region and lifestyle. Property Finder Portugal can help clients find a property to buy, by acting as an exclusive Finder agent. Visit our website at Property Finder Portugal  for more information
  • Property owners who are building and undertaking major refurbishment on their homes and require long-term rental accommodation while overseeing the work
  • Expatriates moving to the region with a young family, looking for accommodation options in close proximity to one of the international schools
  • Digital nomads with families
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Why Choose Algarve Long Lets?

Most new residents or visitors to the Algarve either know the region or become familiar with it via the internet. However, when the time comes to search for a long-term rental, even prior knowledge or extensive web research does not guarantee success.

There is a long-term rental stock shortage caused by owners wanting to make as much money over the lucrative summer months. Some owners do not provide rental contracts. Most real estate agents deal with rentals as an after-thought. It is difficult to find a company which is simultaneously independent, offers coverage of multiple regions within the Algarve, and which provides properties across a range of types, views and prices. Algarve Long Lets addresses this market need.

Algarve Long Lets is unique for a number of reasons:

  • It brings together a network of individually owned and agent managed properties
  • All our properties have been previously selected and the terms of the rentals agreed with owners or their property managers, all of whom sign agreements with us. Algarve Long Lets is much more than a listing service
  • It is the only site with long-term rental listings in almost all municipalities of the Algarve and by far the largest comprehensive list of long-term accommodation options in the region
  • Owners and agents do not pay a fee to be on the site – rather, we vet the properties for appropriateness, price and sufficient availability (most properties are available for at least 6 months of the year)
  • We are available to support clients during the term of their rental. We do not simply act as an introductory or rental site
  • We are able to provide a range of value-added services including rental contract preparation, NHR applications, utilities management, introduction to D7 support agencies etc.
  • We do not represent the landlord over the tenant, nor vice versa. We act for both to ensure an optimal solution
  • We represent more than 25 nationalities and the team speaks multiple languages
  • As an overwhelming majority of our rental clients are seniors or retirees, we are uniquely positioned in that much of our inventory meets the requirements of that demographic (which in turn means it is excellent for many other market sectors as well), namely: walking distance to amenities and transport; accessible properties, either single floor properties or apartments served by elevators; environments close to multi-lingual, expatriate communities; and suitably prepared properties such as those with good heating solutions for the winter
  • We are specialists in sourcing accommodation options that cater for pets
  • We have fully-accessible options available as well as some long-term options for seniors requiring care

If we do not have a suitable option in our portfolio, where appropriate we provide a search service conducted by one of our experienced team.